Garfield Park Conservatory- A Must See in Chicago!

As my summer comes to an end a long with my vacations (besides a camping trip to Arkansas-yay!) I am starting to r eminence on some of the amazing things I saw on my adventures.  My most recent adventure was the amazing Chicago!

With the mass amounts of people, huge sky scrapers and massive amounts of shopping it is difficult to imagine that there is any sort of environmental activities or eco-tourism in Chicago or any city.  Lucky for us, that is wrong.  One of my favorite things about visiting Chicago during the summer time was that there were flowers everywhere.  I passed through so many public gardens and parks while strolling through downtown Chicago.  Here is proof!


Isn’t it beautiful?

Now, it gets even better.  With the help of my Airbnb which was located in the West I took a 10 minute walk and stumbled upon Garfield Park Conservatory.  End result? Speechless.


This conservatory is one of the largest in the nation and an integral resource for the community of Chicago.  I was there for all of 1 hour and saw so many different community groups visiting and enjoying the beauty of the conservatory- it was amazing! I discovered a few things like their children’s room, community garden, Monet Garden, and a Play and Grow Garden for children. I was not able to experience half of the things that they put on for their community like a bee demo, composting demo or Harvest Day to name a few.

Check out some of the beauty I captured while there:


Teepee for the Play and Grow Garden to show children that nature can be used to play.

I was lucky enough to find this on my last day in Chicago. If you ever plan to visit Chicago put this on your to-do list so you can enjoy the beauty of nature and support such an important resource to the community of Chicago! For more information visit:



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