The Beginners Guide to Traveling Eco-friendly

As I sit here during my lunch break reality has finally hit me…. I am no longer in Costa Rica.  I often find myself reminiscing on my memories and often glancing back at my photos.  While I am sad that my time has ended in that beautiful country I am excited to be back and able to share all of my experiences with all of you!

If you are like me and love both the environment and traveling you may have realized that sometimes our interests are contradictory (or so I thought).  While of course traveling cannot be 100% environmentally friendly there is a way to be more sustainable in your actions.   Costa Rica was a great place for me to learn and test the waters of traveling eco-friendly. First, let me set some facts straight! While doing research I was presently surprised that traveling by airplane consumes significantly less energy and produces fewer emissions than driving. With that being said, if you normally have to drive your car to work everyday, taking a vacation could actually benefit the environment.  Talk about motivation to go on your next vacation!

I think one of the most obvious (but could be the most challenging) is choosing a country where they have opportunities to take part in eco-tourism and public transportation.  By picking a country that has a lot of options you may find yourself supporting the environment rather than damaging it!

Depending on where you are traveling to, taking advantage of the transit system can help reduce your environmental impact and also be a fun adventure.   From my experience Costa Rica had a pretty good public bus system (find schedules at (  If you are on a budget traveling by different modes of transportation other than a car will also be helpful!

With traveling comes shopping, especially buying souvenirs for your loved ones (and yourself of course).  Who doesn’t want to take home beautiful memories of traveling?  One way to balance shopping and not contributing to the harmful environmental effects of consumerism is by shopping local.  

Everyone loves to do activities while traveling!  If you travel to a country that is filled with natural beauty you don’t even have to spend a dime admiring the nature. But, if you are an adventure seeker  take part in ecotourism that (more times than not) supports the local people and the local environment.  Hiking, snorkeling, horse-back riding and zip lining are just a few eco-tourism activities that I did while in Costa Rica!


Horseback riding to Arenal, Volcanoe!

I hope you are able to use these when planning your next travels! Feel free to comment below on any tips and ideas about traveling eco-friendly!





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