Costa Rica Updates

As my journey in Costa Rica is coming to it’s peak (only two more weeks left) I have already realized what a difference this trip has made on me.  While I have learned a lot of things I expected to learn about (more Spanish, eco-tourism- more on that later!) I have also learned a lot about myself.  Each journey I take I find myself learning more and more about what I truly enjoy doing and my dreams for the future.  That is what I believe is so great about traveling.  Here are a few of my favorite highlights so far in Costa Rica and what they have meant to me so far!


I still cannot get over my last few days in Manuel Antonio.  This photo does not do this wonderful place justice.  My favorite part of this weekend was laying back, enjoying a fresh (amazingly delicious) drink and watching this view.  Oh and the monkeys were a plus!


I heard a lot about the eco-tourism in Costa Rica but did not quite believe it until I experienced it. From the canopy through the rainforest to horseback riding up to the closest point of Arenal Volcano, it was amazing!  It also helped that within one minute of us being at the highest point the clouds cleared and we saw the beautiful view of Arenal.  We were beyond lucky.  Being able to see and appreciate the Earth around you without hurting or destroying it is truly amazing and something that everyone can learn from in Costa Rica!


And finally, living with my amazing host family in San Ramon, Costa Rica.  Nothing compares to truly living life as a local and staying with a host family.  This experience is truly unique and like no other- you are able to learn so many things about their life.  I am forever grateful for receiving such caring and loving host mothers!


Other thoughts

One of the things I have admired most about learning from the locals is the appreciation that they have for the natural beauty of Earth around them.  From the canopy worker to the outdoor bartender at a hotel- they both went out of their way to tell me how lucky they were to be working around and with such natural beauty.  Now that is something truly amazing and needless to say, working goals.

Finally, the mindset of “Pura Vida” which means pure life is truly becoming ingrained in my mind and has made me realize to take hold of a few things in life that bring me back to that mindset!

Until next time, Pura Vida!!


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